24K Gold Plated Two Initial Necklace

  • $45.00
  • Save $7

When it comes to accessorizing with fashionable jewelry, initial necklaces have always managed to be just the right pick for anyone that happens to be in search of an item that will spice up any outfit. The beauty with our 24k gold plated two initial necklace lies with the design and the material used to make the pendant. Couple with a radiant sparkle of 24k gold and an attractive font style, this necklace will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. This simple design is a sure way of adding a fashionable vibe to what would otherwise be a dull appearance. The best part about this this necklace is that you can have the first letters of any of your name as the initials on the necklace. As a result, you can have a well-designed necklace that is not only beautiful, but also one that represents a unique mark of identity.

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