24K Gold Plated Curly Initial Necklace

  • $40.00
  • Save $12

Introducing the 24K Gold Plated Curl Monogram Initial necklace- this is a perfect option for the fashion savvy lady who wants to look trendy with various accessories of her choice. The necklace is engraved from high quality 24 karat gold, a characteristic that is crucial for those who are keen on quality. The gold used makes it easy for you to play mix and match with other accessories such as silver pieces for that extra stunning look. It also blends perfectly well with just about any outfit, so you really have no reason not to get this exquisite piece. What makes the necklace stand out? The use of monogram design to engrave the initial is something worth noting. Monogram styles have been in use for many years, and you have the advantage of combining this style with a modern twist for a contemporary look. The initial a client chooses is what our jewelers will use, so take time to choose an ideal initial, preferably one that holds sentimental value to you. The design does not stop at the initial’s engraving- rather when this is complete, the jewelers will add a curl beneath it for a truly tasteful and unique design.

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