14k Gold Two Hearts with Initials

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What happens when you do not want to use your full name(s) on your favorite piece of jewelry? The answer is you simply settle for a necklace whose pendant is made from your name’s initials. For quite a number of people, writing full names is deemed as too bold, so they opt to go for initials. The fundamental principle in such a case is to ensure that the initials are well carved out to look continuous. The initials could be a combination of just the client’s names, or the client’s names and her partner’s. Whatever the case, the point is that the people whose initials appear share a close bond. This is further enhanced by the presence of two little hearts nestled somewhere in the 14 karat gold pendant. For love birds, what better way to show your love to that special person than with this necklace? For this reason, this piece makes a great bridal accessory and could probably be one last gift for the bride before she walks down the aisle as a bachelorette.

 Thickness is 0.5mm (Hard)

Standard Size is 2 cm height

The item comes with a high quality 14K solid twist or box. Chain length options are in 14", 16", or 18"

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