Small Gender Necklace

  • $43.00
  • Save $16

The gender necklace combines the estrogen and testosterone molecules to create a delicately bold molecular hybrid that embodies the fluidity of the broad gender spectrum. The meaning behind why each person chooses to wear their own gender molecule from the Designer Drugs collection is what makes it uniquely personal. Is it a reminder of your past? A celebration of your favourite indulgence? Or maybe it’s a symbol of personal transformation. Wear it secretly for yourself, or boldly for the world to see. Molecule measures: 5 x 4.7 cm (2 x 1.8”) Each and every piece of My Boho jewelry is made from a strong, lightweight stainless steel, and is delivered in a black gift box with optional gift wrapping. Choose from three finishes: Stainless steel with a silver-plated chain Matte black powder coating with a gunmetal-plated chain Glossy 24kt gold finish paired with a gold fill chain

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